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Our Guides

Our guides and driver are capable of writing and speaking fluent English. All guides and drivers have undergone necessary training on providing excellent service to our customers. Our well trained guides have knowledge on all climbing routes, treks
and game drives
Our guides are also trained on all necessary first aid treatments and emergency equipment required on your climb.With all the right knowledge our guides and drivers can provide you with all the right information that you may want to know during your climb or safari making your trip not only sceneric but also educational.

Safari Guides
The guide on your safari is an ambassador of the company and the country. Our guides are outstanding not only for their knowledge of the natural history of the areas we visit, but also in relating the culture and history of their home.

They aren’t only there to make sure the vehicle works and to choose the right direction, but also to become friends and make sure that every detail of your journey goes as smoothly as possible. Our dedicated Next African Safaris guides take pride in introducing you to their stunning country. Their knowledge of the game parks and wildlife will make your Tanzania tours adventure complete.

By sharing their passion with our guests and explaining the Tanzania cultures, they inspire many of our guests to return.
Our professional and registered Mauly tours and safari guides will start your safari tour with an introductory briefing and orientation session, accompany you throughout your tour itinerary and are generally available to answer safari and wildlife questions or make suggestions if requested.

Climbing Team
During your climb on Kilimanjaro you will be accompanied all the way by a hard working team including a highly experienced head guide, assistant guides, camp crew and porters. We pride ourselves on employing the best guides, who are experienced, fully trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of Kilimanjaro and Tanzania’s culture and life.

As with any venture, it is the people who make it successful and enjoyable, and these outstanding people help to make your climb fun, safe, and rewarding. There is a full operations team back at our base, who are crucial to your climb. Before every climb, the team’s responsibilities include: checking each item that goes onto Kilimanjaro, and ensuring that each item is checked in, washed, dry cleaned, and repaired on return.

During your time on Kilimanjaro there will be one specific manager at our base who will be assigned to dedicated twice daily communications with your group; the operations team monitors your climb from the base, checking your performance and health, as well as, that of all the crew members.

They are ready to assist swiftly, should it be required.

Mountain Guides
We pride on having superb guides. What makes a superb guide?
Experience: all our guides have been working on the mountain from porters all the way up to guides.
Personality: guides not only show you the route on Kilimanjaro but they are companions as well. Our guides have good English and are more than willing to share their knowledge on all aspects of Kilimanjaro, as well as, Tanzania culture and life.

Team leaders: an essential part of a guide’s job is organizing the day to day logistics, making sure that everything runs smoothly and the service you receive is unparallel. Our guides monitor all aspects of the climb - which includes your health, pace, and comfort. They are also there to ensure that all crew members are well looked after.

Our guides are part of a team. This team includes:
A cook or cooks: it's amazing what they can prepare in a  tent on the side of a huge mountain! Fresh fruit / vegetables and meat/chicken/fish allow them to prepare excellent meals that are designed to give you good nutritional value and lots of energy. They are the first up and last to go to bed, also responsible to cook for the crews. 7 Camp crew (1 or 2 people): they set the tents and are your waiters. Working hand in hand with the cooks and guides, you will see these guys scurrying around diligently keeping everything in order.

Porters: the workhorses of the mountain. They work hard to ensure that the entire camp is packed and set up before you arrive. All Next African Safaris porters are selected from a core of individuals that we personally know and trust.

Migration Safari

6 Days Northern Tanzania

Bird-watching Safari

5 Days Northern Tanzania

Budget Safari

4 DaysNorthern Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Trekking

5 DaysMarangu Route

Mount Meru

4 DaysArusha National Park

Kilimanjaro Trekking

7 DaysMachame Route

Need Help?

Talk to Safari Expert if you have any question about your travel to Tanzania. Next African Safaris will be happy to assist you.