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Adventure Experience | Bird-watching Safari

Embark on the birding adventure of a lifetime in some of Southern Africa’s most renowned national parks. Search for beautiful and exotic species such as Carmine Bee-eaters, Rock Pratincoles, Western Banded Snake Eagles, African Jacanas, Sacred Ibis and countless more.

Be there at the optimal time of year, as migratory birds are in the area, and learn from local experts who speak in-depth about the birdlife, wildlife, flora and cultures you encounter.

Tanzania offers some of the best birding destinations in the world.Come and explore these diverse wilderness areas and experience the discovery of unique African bird species in some of the most spectacular scenery and wilderness destinations in Africa.



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Among the most impressive of the continent’s innumerable wildlife spectacles are the flamingoes on Rift Valley lakes (Lake Natron, Lake Manyara etc), wrivers and lakes of Africa to raptors on open plains.

Our birding tours offer, quite simply, the best of African birding. Tanzania boasts the highest total of endemic bird species of any African country. In addition, a rich seabird assemblage and large numbers of more widespread, yet no less spectacular, African birds and large mammals occur.

Add to this the rich botanical heritage and scenic splendor of Africa’s most varied country, fine food and wines, comfortable accommodations, first-world infrastructure and superb value for money. It’s not hard to see why this is our biggest selling destination!


Tailor-made tours to inspire you

We've highlighted a few of our favourite Tanzania safari tours below, altenatively if you don't find one fits your holiday feel free to contact our travel specialist to help create one for you.

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