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Rich with abundant game packed National Parks and home to highest African Mountain, with some of the most spectacular beaches on the Earth,Tanzania is a dream destination for all dreaming of an African Adventure. Tanzania has so much to offer that cannot be explored during a single tour. Yet with so many easily accessible areas from the North of Tanzania you can gain a broad range of experiences to discover what this exciting country has to offer.

Experience the splendor and wonders of northern Tanzania in just one day. Below day trips start early in the morning from Arusha, the safari center of Tanzania.


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  • Arusha National Park

    Easily reachedwithin a short drive from Arusha and Moshi, which are often the starting points to Northern Circuit Safaris. In Arusha NP you can enjoy walking and canoe safaris with possibility of viewing a variety of wildlife. Despite being less densely populated with animals compared to some neighbouring national parks, Arusha National Park has one of the most famous backdrops in the country - Mount Kilimanjaro. Home to the world’s largest population of giraffes, it is a great day trip to kick off or end an amazing adventure in Tanzania.

  • Tarangire National Park

    In the Northern circuit of Tanzania, just a short 2-hour drive from Arusha town, Tarangire is famous for its spectacular elephant migration and abundance of birdlife. Tarangire offers you a close view of the animals and to experience the African bush due to its density of wildlife, giant Baobab trees and changing landscapes, for those in a hurry, or who want to add it to a trip of a lifetime – don’t miss this magical safari experience.

  • Lake manyara National Park

    Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its diverse wildlife, its relatively small size makes it ideal for an exiting day trip filled with many adventures.In the early morning, we will collect you from your hotel and drive you to Lake Manyara National Park. The park encompasses the northwest bank and part of the alkaline Lake Manyara which itself rests in the Great Rift Valley. The park is perhaps best known for its flamingos, pelicans and cormorants but it is also the home for a few hundred other species of birds; it is therefore a paradise for ornithologists. Next to a great variety of birds, the "Big Game" can also be seen in which elephants can often be spotted in the wooded regions along with the tree-climbing lions. Indeed, it was thought for a long time that this spot is the only place where lions can be found with this atypical behaviour of climbing trees. Baboons and guenons are also found amongst the forested areas and in the more open spaces, giraffes nibble at the fresh leaves while the various types of antelopes common to the region browse for tasty shoots. After a picnic lunch, there will be more time for further game and wildlife watching before it is time to return to Arusha.

  • Ngorongoro Crater

    Ngorongoro Crater Tour day Trip is a short Safari tour departs from Arusha that gives visitors great chance to visit the famous Ngorongoro Crater in the northern circuit tour destination of Tanzania. The Crater is the world's largest unbroken caldera which hosts varieties of animals includes the rare black Rhino, the best chosen Tanzania day trip you might not miss. We do not have fixed departure dates for this tour, anyone can book and do it any day, all are welcomed, individuals to incentive groups, though joining group can be organized on request for flexible guests.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    On this day trip, you will hike on the Marangu Route up to Mandara Hut for lunch. You will NOT reach the summit.All short treks are offered on a private basis, and you can start on any day of the year.The short treks are geared for people who like to hike but reaching the summit isn't a "must do", and allow one to experience the excitement of hiking on the highest peak on the African continent.All trekking inside of the Tanzania National Park require the services of a certified Kilimanjaro guide, and the Marangu route is the only route where short treks are allowed.

  • Hot Spring Excursion

    The Chemka Hot Springs are about 40 kilometers away from Moshi, in the homonymous village called Chemka. They are underground springs with warm water. The water forms a clear and clean pond which is ideal for swimming. The pond is very deep, in some places up to 10 meters, but the water is so clear that you can see the bottom well all the time. The pond is situated under lush trees. On the shore you can camp, enjoy your snacks and let yourself dry after swimming.



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