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Mount Meru is approximately 4615 meters above sea level. It does provide a climb that is spectacular. Actually this mountain is steeper than most of Kilimanjaro. Meru was at one time, taller than Kilimanjaro until it blew it's top some 250 thousand years ago. This huge explosion left behind a huge caldera with a jagged rim.

The walks are through forest and woodlands that offer an immense variety of wildlife such as monkeys, elephants, buffalo, giraffe and warthog.

Empakaai Crater: No roads and no human inhabitants, a crater which contains forests and a deep lake, where flocks of flamingos can be spotted. The cardera is six kilometers wide and the lake occupies nearly half of its floor. The scenery is spectacular at every point. From the northern and eastern side you can look out to the dramatic cone of Oldonyo Lengai, the Great Rift Valley and Lake Natron. On the valleys eastern side you might see the snow capped peak of Kilimanjaro. It is possible to camp on the rim and hike into the crater with an armed ranger.

Olmoti crater: This shallow grassy crater is the source of the Munge river, which pours through a north in the rim in a spectacular waterfall on its way to Ngorongoro crater. Participate in a pleasant walk from Nainokanoka ranger post, through the forest up to the top of the waterfall.

Lerai Forest: "Lerai" is a Maasai word for yellow barked acacia or fever tree. The small forest patches on the crater floor, are homes to monkeys, baboons, bushbucks, waterbucks, elephants and rhinos. A picnic site with ablution facilities is located in this forest. 

Lake Makat: This soda lake is filled by the Munge river. It is a great attraction for flamingoes and other water birds which come to feed here. Predators hide in the marsh to ambush the large animals that come to drink from the pools and river. In the severe dry season the lake often dries up completely.

Olkarien Gorge: The dramatic cliffs of this narrow gorge in the Gol mountains are the breeding site for hundreds of Ruppell's Griffon Vulture during the rains. In the dry season, the Maasai bring their cattle into the gorge to drink.

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6 Days Northern Tanzania

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Mount Meru

4 DaysArusha National Park

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