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Mountain Climbing | Meals & Water on climb

On your Kilimanjaro trek you will be cooked first-class meals on Kilimanjaro, all designed to give you the energy you will need to make it to the top. Below you will find the varieties of food on Kilimanjaro you will be served during your climb. Keep in mind, however, that our meals on Kilimanjaro climb are flexible and your cook has the ability to cater to any special dietary restrictions you may have.

Breakfast:   Toast with honey, jam and butter  French toast  Crepes,  Sausage Bacon , Eggs (scrambled, friend, omelet) , Cooked vegetables , Fruits,  Hot cereal,  Tea, coffee, cocoa, juice

Lunch:   Cold meat sandwiches,  Grilled cheese sandwiches,  Fruits , Hard-boiled eggs,  Muffins,  French fries,  Tea, coffee, cocoa, juice

Dinner:   Hot-soups – pumpkin, carrot, vegetable , Pasta , Rice , Vegetables , Roasted, stewed, or curried beef and chicken,  Potatoes,  Corned beef and cabbage,  Fruit ,Tea, coffee, cocoa, juice

Notice any foods you can’t have or don’t normally eat? That doesn’t mean climbing Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t for you.


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Kilimanjaro Dietary Restrictions

High altitude has a tendency to suppress your appetite yet many hikers say they grow hungry due to all the physical exertion and calorie-burning on the trail.The best way to fuel your body even when you’re not hungry is to pack snacks you love. This will make it easier for you to eat even when you feel as if you have no appetite.

Similar to never hiking in new boots before your Mount Kilimanjaro climb, you also don’t want to pack any weird snacks your body isn’t used to either. The mountain is no place to test your tummy.

Plan to try snacks that you’re going to bring on your trek, in the weeks before your trip to see if they cause any ill effects.