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bird-watching Safari

Our Northern Tanzania birding safariblends the very best that is East Africa. The forests, lakes and savannas of East Africa teem with birds, including a suite of Serengeti endemics. But we'll also focus on mammals: as we’ve timed this tour to coincide with the great Wildebeest migration through the central Serengeti, we'll stand a good chance of finding many of the region's predatory cats too.

The Serengeti is a timeless landscape, where countless millions of animals have migrated to pastures green over the years under the watchful eye of tribesmen and the looming mountain Kilimanjaro. Here too lies Oldupai Gorge, where evidence of humankind’s most ancient ancestors have been found.

Tanzania still offers a wild authenticity that has perhaps been dulled in its much more popular neighbour Kenya, titlehough it is fast becoming known as the safari destination in East Africa.

We also offer tailormade birding and bird and mammal tours that include Selous, Ruaha, the Usumbaras and the South Pare mountains. Please ask about our trip reports.

Migration Safari

6 Days Northern Tanzania

Bird-watching Safari

5 Days Northern Tanzania

Budget Safari

4 DaysNorthern Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Trekking

5 DaysMarangu Route

Mount Meru

4 DaysArusha National Park

Kilimanjaro Trekking

7 DaysMachame Route

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