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You have made a significant investment in your travel plans and, while in most cases everything will run smoothly, situations may arise on or before your trip that are outside of our control as your travel agent and for which we cannot be held responsible. Travel insurance may help make your trip more worry free by protecting your investment and yourself.

What is the Travel Insurance covers?

Travel insurance is an insurance plan that covers travel-related risks. This short-term cover provides 24 hours emergency medical assistance, personal accident cover and other travel related emergencies occurring during the trip. Most people do not quite understand the significance of purchasing a Travel Insurance cover so they end up buying one where it is mandatory to do so, especially before applying for a visa. It is also important to carefully consider a travel insurance cover before purchasing any.

Why is Travel Insurance Cover important?

  1. Getting help overseas

Having a travel insurance cover while travelling is very critical as one could fall ill or get into an accident while overseas. With travel insurance, you can get the best quality of care in that nation you are in or you can even be moved to your country or even a better medical facility, if necessary.

However, it is important to understand your travel policy cover, that is, what is covered and exemptions.

  1. Protection from medical costs

Receiving medical attention in foreign countries, while in travel can be very costly if one does not have Travel Insurance. For example, the daily hospitalization costs in Tanzania regularly exceed $800 depends with hospital standards; the cost of medical evacuations from Tanzania might be very costful. Travel Insurance covers accidental medical expenses but it is important that you go through your policy carefully to note the exemptions. For example,Insurance Companies do not cover medical costs related to pre-existing conditions.

  1. Travel insurance can cover disruptions to your trip

Flight delays are the most common type of disruptions that many travellers experience. An emergency back home could also force one to return home before their scheduled return. These disruptions could translate to very expensive costs, for example, an emergency return home could mean money already paid is lost and new bookings made. Depending on the insurance company, incidents that are not in the control of the client are covered so that the client doesn’t spend their own money, if there is any emergency.

  1. Reimbursement for your losses and expenses

Lost, damaged and delayed luggage can result to significant costs, on the part of the traveller. Depending on the Insurance Company, a traveller could be reimbursed for their expenses and losses that are as a result of the Airline’s blunder on checked-in baggage.